Clinical Experts

Orthodontic led Team of Clinicians. Not Technicians and not Advisors. Clinicians with decades of experience with Clear Aligner treatment, from the very beginning. Clear’s Clinical Team were instrumental in developing many of the clinical and treatment planning software protocols that are still in use today. Clear’s Clinical Team has seen, managed and optimized more Clear Aligner treatment plans than anyone or any group of doctors on the planet, to the tune of over 250,000 cases. It is with this experience, expertise and commitment that Clear treatment plan optimization provides the following;

  • Confidence– Treat more clear aligner cases, more predictably and more profitably
  • Expert Diagnosis– Get expert advice as to the suitability of your case for clear aligner treatment
  • Efficiency– Consistency in the treatment planning process – no waiting – no back and forth
  • Education & Support– Dedicated and personalized education and support when you need it
  • Predictability– Consistent and predictable clinical outcomes

Meet Dr. Adriana Garro, Global Clinical Director

With 20 years of experience in Clinical Orthodontics, Dr. Garro worked for Align Technology starting in 2001 holding positions that include, Clinical Operations Lead, Align Clinical Staff, Clinical Team Supervisor and Director of Clinical Education, EMEA. During that time she was involved in the development of many of the ClinCheck clinical protocols. Dr. Garro was also on the European Leadership Team where she led initiatives that included Align University Program, Invisalign Master Class and KOL Programs. Since completing her Orthodontic Residency she is dedicated her career to the Orthodontic profession specializing in Clear Aligner treatment. Dr. Garro joined Clear in 2012. Dr. Garro leads a Team of Clinical Experts and has overseen the management of over 250,000 clear aligner treatment plans.